Hand carved avocado stone necklace. #woodcarvingtoo
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Hand carved avocado stone necklace. #woodcarvingtoo

Handcarved avocado stone necklace. | Etsy

This is a one of a kind pendant carved out of an avocado pit (which is also often called a "stone"). Even though sometimes I do repeat similar designs on my pendants, but the unique nature of every avocado stone, as well as my own artistic spirit never lets two pendants be exactly the same... I carved it myself, using mostly X-acto knife. The string is about 25-30inches long (total length) waxed cotton thread, and you can easily shorten it to your liking (or let me know if you want it longer, I can provide a longer string too). CARE AND HANDLING: The pendant was treated with boiled linseed oil to make it more durable and more water resistant. But yet, I would strongly recommend to handle it with care and remember to take it off before going in the water, since excessive exposure to water (or direct sunlight, or harsh chemicals) might damage it.


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